Shipping Your Books

How do I ship my books to MyBookBuyer?

1. Print two copies of the packing slip. Send one copy with your shipment and keep one copy for your records.

2. Pack the books tightly in a sturdy box. Most corrugated brown shipping boxes work. Stamped on most boxes is a box certification – any box with bursting test at 200 lbs per square inch will work. We encourage the use of previously used boxes as long as its condition is clean and has not been overly crushed. Please do not use shoe boxes or other thin cardboard cartons. Make sure the box does not weigh more than 70 pounds. Click here for the packing tutorial.

3a. SHIP WITH UPS: For buyback orders over $25, you can ship using our FREE (pre-paid) UPS shipping label.

3b. SHIP WITH U.S. POST OFFICE: For buyback orders under $25 or your if you choose to ship with the Post Office, we provide a shipping label however you are responsible for postage. We provide a shipping credit for each order.

The shipping credit is based on:

  1. The total weight of the books included in your buyback order.
  2. Includes a credit for USPS Tracking services
  3. Media Mail shipping rates offered to Retail Customers at any U.S. Post Office locations

Read about the June 1 ,2015 change of policy for shipping with the Post Office here.

\* January 15, 2016 Addendum – MyBookBuyer reserves the right to re-calculate Post Office Shipping Credit for buyback orders shipped to us with the U.S. Post Office. A re-calculation of the Post Office Shipping Credit may occur based on the following conditions:

  1. Multiple buyback orders are combined and shipped in one package. The Post Office Shipping Credit shall be the actual shipping cost as noted on the shipment package received or based on the actual weight of the shipment package. The recalculated shipping credit will be applied to oldest order by date and time-stamp within the group of orders shipped and all other orders are not eligible for Post Office Shipping Credit.
  2. A book or multiple books included on the packing slip are not included in the shipment package. The Post Office Shipping Credit shall be the actual shipping cost as noted on the shipment package received or based on the actual weight of the shipment package.
  3. A book or multiple books are rejected from the buyback order. The Post Office Shipping Credit shall be recalculated based on the actual weight of the books which are accepted.

Can I use a different shipping carrier?
You may choose to use a different shipping carrier and take responsibility for the associated shipping costs. In this case, please use the following shipping address:
Beagle Books
MyBookBuyer Receiving Dept
2181 Williams Street
San Leandro, CA 94577

How long do I have to send in the books?
Once you place the order, the books must be sent in within 3 days. After that, the price of the original offer is no longer valid.

Where do I get the box?
There are a couple different ways you can go. You can always buy a new box from a store. The other option is to find a used box which you may be able to get for free! Remember that used boxes still need to be clean and sturdy. Check nearby shopping centers, malls, supermarkets or any other local businesses to see if they have any boxes you can have. You can also check online on sites like or the free section of

Do I have to pay the postage to ship my books?
If your buyback order is over $25, we pay the shipping for you with UPS. Just print our pre-paid UPS Shipping label and send us your books absolutely FREE!

I forgot to print the Shipping Label, what do I do?
Log into your account, then click on My Orders link. At the top of the page, you will be presented with a link to reprint your Packing Slip and Shipping Label. Or, you can always email us at

Can I track my order to see if it has arrived yet?
You can always track your order with UPS and with the Post Office assuming you purchased Tracking. Our Post Office Shipping Credit amount we allocate for your shipment includes tracking.

What happens if I forget to include the packing slip?
The packing slip serves as our price quotation. If you do not enclose a packing slip, we will issue payment based on current market conditions at the time of receipt. Please note that prices will almost certainly change.

Can I send some of the books on the packing slip and not others?
Sure! If you decide you want to keep some of the books on your order, simply line out the books you are not including and send us the rest.

What happens if I include books in the box that are not on the packing slip?
We will determine a price using our pay you the current offer price. If there is no offer for the books, we will hold them for 45 days, during which time you can have them sent back to you at your expense.

What if I pack an older edition book under the newer edition ISBN?
Don’t worry. We realize that this happens from time to time. Upon receipt and processing of the book, our quality control system will flag the book(s), and you will receive an adjustment to the current price of the older edition book. Sometimes the current price will be zero.

I sent my books through the US Post Office. Have you received my books yet?
Please allow 2-3 weeks for USPS delivery. You can purchase delivery confirmation and postal insurance through the post office.

What if my package is damaged?
Please refer to our packing tutorial. If your package is packed in accordance with our guidelines, we will make payment. Be aware that if your package suffers from ‘box burst’ UPS may decline insurance due to improper packing and failure to comply with UPS packaging guideline.

Can I bring my books to you in person?
Yes! We do accept in person deliver, by appointment only. To arrange an appointment, please email us at

I live outside the United States. Can I still sell you my books?
Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept books from international customers, due to the higher cost associated with international shipping.