Selling Books Articles

MyBookBuyer is more than just a place great place to sell your used books online (of course we do that too, just enter your books’ ISBNs to the left to get FREE quote – instantly). We also want to share our years of experience, to answer your questions and to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about selling used books – and more.

Articles in this section cover a wide range of topics in all areas of the industry, but as the title indicates, they are mainly geared to arm you with knowledge about how, where and why to sell books. We hope it will be a helpful resource to you, and we will continue to add to this list as time goes on.


Cash for Books – No Headaches Required

The last thing you need is more hassles when you’re trying to sell your used books. Avoid the hassles and headaches and find out how easy makes it to get cash for books.


Sell Books Online: Breaking the Paperback Piggybank

You might have shelves full of money and not even realize it. How much are your books worth? Read the whole article for more on how you can break the “paperback piggybank” and sell books online.

Sell Your Books Online – The Easy Way

So you’ve decided to sell your books online. Like most things in life there’s more than one way to do it. How much time do you want to spend, and how much hassle are you prepared to deal with? Read the whole article to find out the easy way to sell your books online.

Sell Used Books – It’s Green!

The environment needs all the help it can get. Used books help a lot, from reducing the amount of natural resources needed, to reusing and reducing carbon emmisions. Read the whole article to find out how you benefit the planet when you sell used books.