Sell Your Books Online – The Easy Way


Deciding sell your books online is only the first step. Deciding how to sell them is just as important, and depends on how much extra time and effort you are willing to spend and how many hassles and headaches you are willing to deal with.

More than One Way to Sell Your Books Online

In this 21st century world, it makes sense to sell your books online. Too many of us have been through the hassle of trying to sell books to brick-and-mortar used bookstores. You spend all that time gathering up your old books, carry the heavy boxes in to the counter only to be told they won’t buy most of them and that they’ll offer you pennies for the rest. Turning to the internet seems like a logical choice. However, there is more than one way to sell books on the web, and some are much, much easier than others.

Listing Them Yourself

One way to sell your books online is to go onto an online marketplace and create a listing for each book that you’d like to sell. You may be more likely to sell your book this way, because unlike the limitations of your local bookstore, every person with a computer is now a potential buyer. However, if you go this route, you’re still going to have to invest a lot of time and effort into selling your books.

Putting in the time

You have to spend the time to creating individual listings for each of your books, including figuring how much you want to charge for your book. If you charge too much your book may not sell, but if you charge too little, you won’t make any money.

Then after you’ve already spent all that time to put your books up for sale, you get to wait for somebody to buy them. You might wait a short time or you might end up waiting a long time, and in the end there are no guarantees and any or all of your books still might not sell at all.

Putting in the work

If after all of that, you do find a buyer you still aren’t done. Wasn’t it supposed to be easier to sell your books online?

Once your books have sold you have to figure out how you are going to ship them. First class mail? Media mail? UPS? Of course you have to arrange for and pay for the shipping, on top of whatever the online marketplace charged you. With the money you got from the buyer rapidly shrinking, you may find yourself wondering if it’s really worth all the hassle.

Then of course you have to bring your books in to the post office, package drop-off center or wherever you will be shipping the package from. If you figured out it would be better to send different packages through different shipping methods, you may even end up going to more than one place.

Online Book Buyers

The other way to sell your books online is to sell directly to a site like Just as with listings, you have a better chance of selling your books than your do with bookstores. However, online book buyers take all those headaches out of the equation. For instance, on you can find out instantly whether you can sell your books, and for how much. No having to create listing after listing, researching prices (or just guessing blindly) and waiting around to see if anyone will respond. You just enter the ISBN numbers of your books and you instantly get a free price quote. Not only that, but they pay the shipping, just print out the free UPS or USPS shipping label and send in your books.

The Choice is Clear

Each method has its own set of pros and cons, but using an online book buyer like clearly has more pros and fewer cons. You might well be able to get slightly more money by listing each book yourself, but you have to take into account the value of your time and effort. Using an online book buyer is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to sell your books online.