Sell Your Used Textbooks for Cash

sell-textbooks-for-cashTo sell textbooks for cash, first you have to figure out the best place to sell them. There are a variety of different types of websites you can use, but not all of them are convenient or simple.

So you want to sell textbooks for cash. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Take old books that you no longer want or need, sell them, and get a little cash in your pocket. But it’s not as straightforward as it once was. A decade or two ago you had exactly one place to go when you wanted to sell textbooks, your campus bookstore. But many students find that they aren’t happy with the long lines, limited buyback days and low offers at the college bookstore. Worse yet many times the bookstore won’t buy back the very same books they sold students just a few months before.

With all the drawbacks of the college bookstore, your best bet is probably the internet. But that’s when things can get really confusing. There are a variety of different sites where you can sell books and textbooks online, and they work in a variety of different ways.

One site you’re probably familiar with is eBay. As you may know, eBay is an auction site. In order to sell anything on eBay or sites like it, you have to create an auction, which means writing a description of the book or books you want to sell, taking and uploading pictures, etc. And if you have a wide variety of books that don’t logically go together in one “lot”, you may have to repeat the process multiple times. Then you have to wait, sometimes for up to several days, to see if you get any bidders. All in all it’s not the quickest or easiest way to sell textbooks for cash. It may make sense if you’ve got a really old, collectible book, or a complete set of a certain series of novels, but for textbooks, there are better ways to go.

textbooks-for-cashAnother popular type of site is “marketplace” sites, like Amazon or Like auction sites, on marketplace sites you’re not actually selling your books to the site, they just provide a place where you can list your books so that other users will hopefully come along and buy them. This time you are definitely going to have to create a separate listing for each and every textbook you want to sell, after which you still have no assurances that anyone will actually buy your books. If any of them do sell, they probably won’t sell at the exact same time, so that means multiple trips to the post office, possibly even one trip for every book you manage to sell.

Then there are textbook buyback sites like These sites are designed with one purpose in mind: making it easy to sell textbooks for cash. At you just have to enter the ISBN numbers of the textbooks you want to sell and instantly get an offer on them. If you want to go ahead with the order, you confirm the quantities of the books you have, submit your payment information and print out a pre-paid shipping label. Then you can send out all your books for free at once with just one trip to the post office or UPS store.