Pricing and Payment

When will I get paid for my books?
After we receive your books, we will issue payment via Paypal within 5 business days or mail a check within 7 business days to the name and address you have registered with us. Delays can occur if books don’t meet our criteria.

I sent my books in a while ago. Why haven’t I recieved payment yet?
We work to try and ensure that every payment is processed in a timely manner. If your payment seems delayed, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • If there are problems with your order, such as damage to the books, books that do not meet our minimum condition requirements or books that are missing your payment may be delayed so that we can adjust your order payment amount. In these cases, the order is reviewed by a supervisor to determine the amount of the adjustment and if an adjustment is necessary at all. This process is in place to ensure you get a fair price for the books you send.
  • The second reason that your order may seem to be taking a long time is delays in postal delivery. If you select to be paid by check, your payment will be issued on the day it is processed. You will recieve an automatic email lettin you know that your payment has been sent. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for postal delivery.

Can I sell my books for store credit?
Unfortunately, at this time we are not set up to provide store credit.

Do I have to pay any fees to sell my books?
No. Our service is absolutely free and there are never any hidden fees. We offer free price quotes and even pay the shipping costs.

How do you determine prices for books?
We continuously monitor the demand for used books in order to bring you the best and fairest prices around. The prices we quote are based on the books being in “Good” or better condition. We reserve the right to judge the condition of any books we receive.

I got a better offer on another site. Do you offer price matching?
Yes. We strive to always offer you the best prices for used books, but if you find a better price anywhere we will work to match it. Just email us at with the ISBN, the price you were quoted, and the name of the site and we will let you know if we can match it.

How do I get the money for selling my books?
Once we receive your books, we will issue you payment via Paypal within 5 business days or mail a check within 7 business days.

How does PayPal work?
PayPal is an online service that allows you to collect payment electronically. Any money you receive can be kept in your PayPal account for use in other online transactions, or it may be transferred into your bank account. In order to use PayPal, you only need to provide your email address. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, you will receive an email from PayPal with instructions on how to open an account.

When registering for an account with, you can choose to be paid either by PayPal or by check. While we are happy to provide payment by check, we absolutely encourage you to consider PayPal, as it is faster, easier, and more secure than a check. You can always edit your payment preference later.