Packaging Tutorial

  • Kraft bubble mailers or poly mailers should be used if you are shipping three (3) or less books.
  • Use of an oversized box and poor packaging lead to this “box burst”. Follow the instructions below to minimize damage to your package while in transit to us.
  • What you will need: Sturdy box, packaging tape, scissors, clean filler material such as newspaper or clean sheets of paper, packing slip, and shipping label. Please do not use styrofoam peanuts.
  • Do not use an oversized box. Cut down corners of box to the level of your books. The goal is to reduce as much air space as possible to avoid box burst. Use a sturdy box with a 200 lb crush rating.
  • Use your filler material in order to keep the books from shifting, This will reduce the possibility of box bursting from handling during shipment.
  • Insert the packing slip and fold down the flaps of the box.
  • Tape the box. You may be generous of your use of packaging tape. Please do not use scotch tape, electrical tape, or duct tape.
  • Tape the shipping label to the box. You may use more tape than shown in our diagram as long as you do not tape over the area for postage totals.