About Us


So who is MyBookBuyer and why do we want to buy your books?

Well, MyBookBuyer is the online book and textbook buyback service of Beagle Books, the largest online bookseller in Northern California. We have been buying and selling books online since 1999, and we’ve sold over 1 million books in just the last three years alone. Believe us, that’s a lot of books! The credit for all our success goes to the trust we’ve been able to build by basing all our dealings on a simple philosophy: to buy and sell great books at a fair price. We know what you want when you sell books or sell textbooks to us: We offer great prices, excellent customer service and fast payment. We’re also happy to share everything we’ve learned about selling textbooks over the years. With one of the most aggressive book buyback programs out there, we believe we buy back more titles and offer the most for those titles than any other bookstore or online book buyer.

The Company

Founding: It all started way back in 1999 buying and selling a few books here and there. After a while it became more than one person could handle, and both Beagle Books and an early incarnation of what would become MyBookBuyer were officially founded in 2004.
We are located on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Programs: Our Textbook Buyback Plus™ program is an extension of our dedication to buying more titles at a fair price than anybody else. Our By The Truckload™ program has saved millions of pounds of books from going into landfills.
Education: We believe in providing college students with opportunities, experience, and something to do between all-night cram sessions. That’s why fully half of our staff are students. We also know better than most how much textbooks can cost, which is why we started the Textbooks For a Year Scholarship essay contest, to give students the opportunity to win enough to buy their textbooks for a whole year.
Giving Back: We believe it’s important to give share our success by giving back to the community, and we have a ton of respect for teachers. They’re some of the hardest working, most under-appreciated people out there. What they do is so important (and we know we couldn’t do what they do). That’s why we are proud to support RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) in addition to the other causes we support, including Toys for Tots, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
Protecting our Environment: We hear the planet is melting. We figure that’s probably a bad thing, so we support the environment through our green business practices. We’ve found new homes for countless books that may otherwise have been thrown out. We’ve recycled literally tons of books that are worn out, damaged, or otherwise just not in any condition to be resold.

The Promise

At MyBookBuyer we promise to make your satisfaction our #1 priority – every time. That means not only offering fair prices, but providing reliability, security and convenience. To back that promise up we work with some of the most trusted names out there: For more information, please visit our Why Choose Us page.