2013 Scholarship Application

The MyBookBuyer Fall 2013 Scholarship is now closed!

Fall 2013 Scholarship Topic

Your topic is to select one fictional or non-fictional character whom you have read in the past, who has had a strong and positive impact to help shape who you are today. This character may be chosen from a contemporary fictional work, a modern creative work (ie. poetry), or may span past historical classics or plays (ie. Shakespeare). You must be sure to describe, in depth, some of the characteristics this individual exhibits and how they relate to who you are and how they have impacted you.  For example, were these traits something you closely related to? It’s imperative that you give very specific examples on how you were affected. You may elect to use some selected text from the readings for support, however, the majority of your essay should be your own personal analysis and reflection. In other words, this essay should not be a book report.


Applicant Eligibility Requirements:
Essays must be between 750-1250 words.
Essays must be submitted through the MyBookBuyer.com online form before the deadline.
Open to attending college or university students 18 and older who are legal residents of the United States.
Only one entry per scholarship period is allowed
Please read complete contest information while applying. Entries must meet all requirements in order to qualify.

Full Official Rules
* “Textbooks for a year” based on an estimate of $1,250 per year.